Khaos Art is owned, by George and Pamela Taylor.   We have a great love for Art and especially for new, up and coming Artists.

We only work with Artists who have personality disorders, or other types of disabilities which prohibit them from taking their creations to market.  So many of these Artists are incredibly gifted and talented in making and creating beautiful art; but have such a struggle with the social aspect of taking that art to a show to allow people to view and so their work is never seen or shared.  We are also agents and dealer’s for our Artist’s artwork, because many of them have become totally isolated.

Many of our Artist’s lives are filled with chaos because of their disorders, creating art helps to bring some balance and purpose into their lives.

Thus, “Khaos Art, Beauty out of Chaos”.

We do not take a commission, we only cover expenses for our shows that we do for the Artists.  The rest of the proceeds go to the Artist to help support them, buy supplies, etc. We own another business; Overall Air, a Mold remediation company which allows us to do this part time and to not take a commission.